Friday, February 21, 2014

Making Club

In my last post on how to naturally dye yarn with cochineal, I wrote about my friend Carolyne, how me met on Facebook and what brought us together. 

When you try your hand at something new, like soap making and jewellery making was for me, you do it primarily out of need to give outlet to your creativity (or because you have too much time on your hands...) and not because you strive for aknowledgement, but it is important that you have someone to support you allong the way. Someone to appreciate the effort, the act of making or remodelling something. Someone to give you an advice when you need one. Someone to share your crafts with.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

У госте се не иде празних руку...

У Србији је обичај да се у госте не иде празних руку. Обично када идемо у посету носимо флашу пића (најчешће ракије) и једно паковање кафе. 
А ви aко желите да се разликујете и да вас радо зову у госте понесите нешто што се сами направили. 

Ми породично путујемо код мојих у Србију бар једном годишње и увек се трудим да свима понесем по нешто. Обично носимо маслиново уље и неке грчке слаткише којих тамо нема, али прошли пут сам желела да осим тога понесем и нешто око чега сам се лично потрудила. 

Тако сам од шољица за кафу и мало воска направила украсне свеће које су биле намењене мојој ујни и сестри. Упутство како да их сами направите, можете наћи овде. Затим сам дан пре поласка направила 3-4 векне овог једноставног, али укусног колача који моја деца обожавају и редовно им га правим. Рецепт сам нашла на грчком овде

Како би колачи остали мекани и да се не би осушили, умотала сам их, сваки посебно у пластичну мембрану и замрзла. Пре поласка сам их извадила из замрзивача и увезала украсном траком. Ако желите можете на картици или листићу папира исписати рецепт и упаковати га заједно са колачем. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

DIY Tutorial: How to dye yarn using Cochineal

I think we can all agree that social media has made a great impact on our lives, from the way we socialise and how we inform ourselves to the way we promote our business. It has both estranged us from some people who live close to us and brought us together with some people who live far away.

I'm sure most of you have had an oportunity to meet someone through Facebook or some other social media that you could connect on many levels, with whom you share interests, hobbies and/or political views. The fact that that person lives far from you and you haven't had a chance to meet in person didn't stop you from investing in friendship.

Carolyne's yarns
I've met a few quite amazing individuals this way myself and Carolyne is one of them. We met trough Facebook couple of years ago. She lives in England, I live in Greece, but we have quite a few things in common, from the way we perceive life to the way we strive to explore our creativity. 

Carolyne Rushton studied Textiles at Goldsmiths University in London. She spends most of her time outdoors, on her green lot, growing organic fruits and vegetables and defending her back garden from foxes (yes, there are foxes in London...). She uses those fruits and vegetables to make delicious chutney and sometimes she uses them to dye yarn and fabric, but more about it in another post. She is an amazing mom to her two daughters, an avid knitter and knows more about yarn and fabric dyeing techniques than any other person I know. I've been browsing trough her photos on Facebook and enjoying the explosion of color when an idea struck me to ask her if she would like to contribute to this blog and share her knowledge. She said yes and this is the first in the series of posts on this blog that will be featuring Carolyne's crafts. Enjoy!